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As a facilitator of new innovative business ideas, Go Ventures AB creates and nurture unique ideas all the way to a successful business. Using digital technology we solve global challenges in a sustainable way considering environmental, cultural and social values. Our vision is simply to contribute to a better world. Currently Go Ventures is nurturing two major business projects; Collabr and GOreuse.

Project Collabr: Software-as-a-Factory

The accelerating digital transformation forces corporations to act in order to stay competitive. The fast evolution of digital technology requires corporations to continuously adopt to stay at front. At the same time, true software experts are scarce resources.

Collabr is a digital platform enabling a highly efficient distributed development of high-quality customized software. Collabr opens unique opportunities to teams of true software development experts to jointly solve clients’ needs for customized software.


GOreuse was founded in 2020. ​

It is a company improving circular product use, particularly for mobiles, laptops and tablets. ​

Today, 20-25 million mobiles are no longer used in Sweden, 4.9 mobiles per household. ​

By making it easy, convenient and secure for people to make their old products available for reuse, we prolong product lifetime and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the world. ​


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